These are the Teams That Make It Happen and That You Can Be A Part Of….

The following departments have volunteer needs for AZ Decompression.


“Tickets and ID’s Please”

Gate is often the first contact participants have with the Burner community. Gate volunteers check every vehicle entering for contraband, verify registrations, (kids and dogs, too), introduce kids to rangers, and inspect vehicles.


“Welcome Home”

The Greeters are the face of the event and help form a newcomer’s first impressions. Greeters distribute dog tags, review nudity and porta potty etiquette, how to have fun rules, hand out “Who What When Where” guides and maps, and encouraging bell ringing and dirt angels. Education of the 10 principles is the biggest part of greeter duties.


Leave No Trace

The citizen cleanup effort begins the day the event begins and doesn’t end until there is no trace of the event left behind. The Leave No Trace Department ensures that the land we use, won’t get used up. LNT crews meet in the afternoon to search out MOOP (Matter Out of Place) and encourage participants to do the same. Sunday shifts also help with restoration of the property.

It’s a Signup-alooza!!

Click here to sign up for a volunteer shift at AZ Decompression

More Volunteer Opportunities

While the following teams don’t have scheduled shifts for this event we always need volunteers.

Contact the team using the information provided below if you are interested in volunteering for the following teams.


Fire Arts Safety Team:

This group provides extra assistance during the art burns by being part of the burn perimeter. Keep folks from getting too close the fire!  We want everyone to be able to go home at the end of the event. Really, go home, now! There are training sessions you will need to attend.

This is where stuff happens!  Talks, musical performance, Temple Guardian training, games, art!  We need folks to serve as the greeters for events.  That involves keeping the place cleaned up, maintaining the schedule board, inviting passers-by to stop in!


Department of Public Works:

The Department of Public Work works hand in hand with Fire and Placement as the backbone of the city. DPW provides electricity for art installations, helps set up, maintain, and break down the infrastructure for the event including setting up Costco Garages, signage installation and securing Porto potties. DPW assists Fire if they need manpower, to keep things running and keep on top of fire suppression. If you don’t want volunteer during the festivities, there is a big need for people to come in early to help set up the infrastructure and stay after the event to help pack it away for next time.

Heliotropic Rangers

Ranger Lead:

The Heliotropic Rangers are members of the Arizona Burner community, who serve at Saguaro Man & Arizona Decompression and other events throughout the year.

Rangers, as they are known, are the traditional guardians of our desert community. They ride the edge of chaos, and assume a civic responsibility for the general safety of participants, the preservation of community standards, and the core values of the AZ Burner community.

Identified by their “khaki” hats and logoed shirts, they volunteer their time and energy during Arizona Regional Events to make sure that the event is safe and fun for everyone.

Ranger Shift Signup Sheet Can Be Found Here